You've worked hard for your money. Alliston Resolutions doesn't believe in charging obscene amounts of money for services you don't need. We'll always be upfront about fees and communicate before a service is charged to your retainer.


Mediation service with one mediator is $180/hr + HST. This applies to intake interviews as well. 

In complex financial situations (ie: a family business) a second mediator with a speciality qualification may be required. The cost in this case will range from $220/hr - $250/hr + HST

Document Prices

We use DivorceMate software to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for you. It costs $130 + HST to open this file. A fee of $180/hr + HST applies to the time it then requires to create your document. 

Emails, phone calls, texts

Your initial 20 minute phone consultation is FREE. Following that, we consider it no problem to talk to you briefly here and there to answer a quick question. Communications that require more than 5 minutes of your mediator's time will be billed to your retainer at a rate of $15 per 5 minutes plus HST.


Retainers are due at the initial intake interview. A typical retainer is between $500 - $1000 per person depending on the services you require. Top-ups may be necessary and all outstanding accounts must be paid before final documents are released.

Fee Subsidy

Alliston Resolutions can help a small number of clients access mediation services at a reduced rate. Proof of income and budget analysis will be required. Please call (705) 440 - 8636 if you would like to find out more.