About Alliston Resolutions



Alliston Resolutions opened its doors in 2014 as the first mediation practice in Alliston and area. It was recognized that there was a growing need in our communities for fair, qualified and professional services that don't empty people's bank accounts.

Michelle Rakowski, B.A. Psych

 A number of years ago I went through my own challenging journey with separation and divorce. I experienced many disappointments and saw the deep need for compassionate, skilled and insightful professionals that can help families get through the crisis of marital breakdown with minimal stress and maximal benefit.

Alliston Resolutions is the answer I created after numerous years of education and practical experience in counseling, life coaching and mediation.


My sincere intention is that Alliston Resolutions can help you navigate through your challenges successfully so you can begin creating a life full of hope, healing and peace. 

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